Sea and Sky

Breast cancer survivor Wendy Dale is a woman with nearly everything she never wanted; a failing marriage, a child suffering with Crohn’s disease, a dead best friend named Libby and the loss of her one shot at happiness. Sea and Sky takes its readers from the airport goodbye in Bird and Fish’s last chapter to the unravelling of Wendy without her soul mate Hyun Jae Won. Her pity party doesn’t last long, as the intrepid teacher turned children’s author grabs her daughter and suitcase to hop a plane to Korea when she learns Hyun’s new career has gone terribly wrong. Toss in a forgotten box of photos that may lead to Libby’s secret love child and let the escapades begin. More sinister characters ensue making Sea and Sky the perfect adventure-romance.

Sea and Sky
By Adrienne Leslie

Reviews Are In

Sea and Sky, like its predecessor, was a page-turner. Once I started reading it, I didn’t want to put it down. But the book offers much more than just an engaging love story. [It] offers a fun but extremely accurate way to learn about Korean culture. . . the world of Korean television dramas, aka hallyu, and South Korea’s overall entertainment industry. Thousands of Americans are hooked on Korean dramas and you’ll get a sense of the attraction in this book. I can’t wait to read what happens next to Wendy, Jae and Jane.
— Myung Oak Kim, author, The New Korea: An Inside Look at South Korea's Economic Rise by Myung Oak Kim and Sam Jaffe
Korean Drama fans know all about time jumps. We have often wondered what happened in that time jump. This book answers those questions for us and more!

In Sea and Sky we get to see a much different side of Wendy Dale. The sharp witted, professional super woman of Bird and Fish melts away and we see the very warm, very human WOMAN who is Wendy Dale. She laughs, she cries, she loves and she makes mistakes. And she takes the reader along for the ride.

Whether you are a Korean Drama fan or just a drama fan - this book is not to be missed.
— T. Landis, Administrator,