The Baby

xmas baby

The Baby

On an evening like this, long ago

When winter winds chilled the earth below

A blind man hoped for a world that could see

His terrible loss and pondered, “Maybe.”


In a time like this, when fear carved its path

A woman awaited her husband’s wrath

And longed for a place where she could be free

From his secret rage and wondered, “Maybe.”


On a floor, hard and damp, dirty and cold

Crouched a starving child barely three years old

Crying to quench a soul he couldn’t feed

Through tears, he asked “Could it be filled?, Maybe?”


In a city like ours, in the world’s darkest time

Each person declared, “Stay away this is mine,

But a few hungered for a shared bounty

And looked to the heavens, “Can it happen?  Maybe?”


In a voice like thunder that shook the night

An answer came to the world’s heavy plight.

The waiting is gone—there is no maybe

Behold, in Bethlehem, Mary had the baby.