Borrowed Light


Falling in love means seeing yourself through other eyes.  You are transformed into pretty or handsome, wise and talented and most of all; worthy of adoration.  In nature, this is often called borrowed light; shining from another source.  This Valentine’s day and for all the days after may you keep your love-light shining.  ADL

From Alice Again

Chapter 12  Borrowed Light

“…. Should we have dinner?”

Dinner? Like out on a date? “I really can’t.” I stood to go.

Hoon helped me on with my new coat. A bare hint of his cologne awakened feelings I thought were long dead. 

“Are you sure you have to go?” he asked as he threw away our cups.

I wasn’t sure of anything.

Third Avenue was enjoying a temporary lull between the start of First Watch and the 4 a.m. lunchtime. The sky had deepened to … night-red.   In its center, the full moon made a silver circle above the skyscrapers like a punch hole on a paper valentine. Discarded fast food wrappers floated peacefully on the curbside puddles, reminders that a storm had just swept through.

“Let me pay your cab fare home,” Hoon said as he scanned Fifty Seventh Street for a taxi.

“But, I live in Queens,” I protested.

“No problem. We can walk to my garage. I’ll drive you back.”

His offer touched my heart. I brushed a swath of hair from his forehead. Hoon’s eyes explored my face slowly as if we weren’t parting. Yeh pooh dah. You’re very pretty,” he said softly.

Of all the compliments I had lived long enough to hear, that one trumped them all. “I should get home,” I breathed out my words.

“When will I see you again?”

“I don’t know. I’m not in Midtown very often,” I told him. But I surely would be if I knew he was waiting.

“Alice, are you dumping me?” he asked. It was meant to be a joke but we both knew it wasn’t.

“I live very far away.  I’m practically from…the moon.”   I fell silent.

He tilted my chin towards the sky. “Standing here in the moonlight, I almost believe you.”

“I once read the moon produces no light.  It borrows it from the sun.” My voice cracked as I spoke.  Had that sounded corny? He’s so cool and I’m so not.

“Well, whether you borrowed it or own it, moonlight suits you, Alice.” 

I lowered my head in embarrassment. When was the last time I was the center of attention? Was I ever?

Hoon folded his tall body till he could look up at my face.  “You see, Alice-in-moonlight, you’re not so far away.”