What Do You Need?


On a day when you long to snuggle with the one who adores you, you need a lover.

On the morning when you want to share your scrambled eggs and plan your day in good company, you need a kindred spirit.

When you’re awakened by a crash in the night, and you’re scared out of your wits, you need a brave soul who’ll protect you with his (her) life.

When your job and boss have made life miserable and you just want to crawl into bed and shut the world out, you need a pal who’ll give you space.

If the day comes when you can’t make sense of anything and wonder if there really is a higher power, you need living proof that God has created wonderful things for us.

If you’re broke and want to have a fun day without spending a penny, you need a child-like friend who’ll love just hanging around you.

Following your decision to exercise more, you’ll need a personal coach to get you off your couch.

Following your bad break-up, job loss, car crash, you’ll need a life coach who’ll listen, but never judge.

If you want your children to learn compassion, responsibility and empathy, you need a child psychologist.

If you want thugs and bad guys to fear and respect you, you need a body guard.

In the hippest outdoor café in the city, you need a wingman (wingwoman.)

In the chance that you have happiness to share, you need a buddy.

If despite having hundreds of Facebook friends and constant IM’s and tweets wanting your attention, you feel alone, you need a pair of soulful eyes to gaze back at you in real time.

But if you need all these things in the course of your lifetime, what you really need is a (shelter) dog.

In memory of Fido V

January 11, 2001 – December 22, 2014