Where Have I Been All My Life...

Brooklyn born, Queens raised and educated at C.W. Post College, Adrienne Leslie fully expected her life to take her no further than the outskirts of New York. Then in 2003, when teaching, Ms. Leslie was named NY Educational envoy to The Republic of Korea.

The trip changed everything. The world was bigger than she thought and more interesting than she imagined. She left teaching and through a grant, published her first novel in 2005. Bird and Fish became a cult sensation among non-Asian women as well as Korean-Americans. It was followed by her sequel, Sea and Sky. 

Adrienne soon found herself lecturing on all things Korean-American on Korean television; including a cooking show and an English speaking weekly spot on Radio Korea. An opportunity at The New York Daily News Impact Panel led to her weekly views of living on a budget in the most expensive city in the world. Her pieces received the most buzz during the impact panel’s reign.

The responses from her followers on coping with their day-to day challenges inspired her.  It seemed women longed for chances to begin again. Adrienne’s story titled Reboot grew into her most recent novel; Alice Again.

Adrienne lives in her Queens’ home with her husband, Jim and dog, Fido where she writes her blog; One More Thing Before I Go. And she still wants to hear from anyone who longs for a second chance.